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Fantasy football is at it’s best when you find a new way to play. Superflex barely existed a few years ago and is now the dominant format. I believe by offering a variety of league formats with different scoring and roster settings we can offer a best ball league for everyone to enjoy. 

All of our leagues are hosted on Sleeper. This allows us to offer a greater level of customisation and enjoyable user experience than any other Fantasy host out there. 

Money is securely held through We prefer this site over the likes of Leaguesafe, which can be awkward for U.K users to cash out from. TeamStake also gives you a far greater level of security than the money being held through a private PayPal account. When you join a league you’ll be emailed a link to the TeamStake league page where you can pay your fees via credit/debit card or Paypal. Because TeamStake is an American site, all our fees and prizes will be referred to in dollars. Once the league season is complete, prizes will be allocated and once a majority of users have confirmed the payouts, you’ll have the money in your account. 

In 2021 all payouts were made within 48 hours of the season-ending.

Our Approach: News & Updates
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