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For many people, the off-season represents a time to do a lot of best ball drafts. After all, it's a long wait between the super bowl and Week 1. If you're planning on doing a lot of drafts it's a great idea to track your portfolio. Stay aware of which teams you're lacking exposure to and have the occasional reminder to slow down on drafting the Jets so often. Whilst some sites provide you with some details, many platforms lag behind what users really want.

Below are my tracking sheets for 2023, updated with more functions and abilities than 2022. 

I created a template version of my spreadsheet which is available for free. To download a copy visit the link below and then click 'File > Make a copy > Save to drive.' Or you can download the file for Excel below also. If you have any problems, feel free to reach out to me for help. 

I'm constantly updating my own version and push through new features to the template all the time. You can see those updates in the Change Log below where I try to provide simple steps to add them in yourself. If you have issues, reach out and I can fix it for you.

Should you find it useful and wish to, you can buy me a coffee here -


After each draft input your freshly drafted team into this page. Sadly I don't have any way to automate this or make it quicker, but including the Month you drafted and position you drafted from will be helpful when reviewing your rosters in the future.



For every player you add into the rosters section they will be counted here and give you a total as well as a %. Thanks to @FFGoatball for his incredible help with this part of the formula. 

Don't forget to update the total drafts number on the top right to get accurate percentages. 



In this section it'll automatically update your total exposure to a skill group and an offence overall. For example, if you have drafted Kenny Pickett twice and Mitch Trubisky once, it will put a total of three in the Steelers QB box. 

If you have four Tee Higgins shares and two Tyler Boyd shares, the sheet will input six in the Bengal's WR box. 

This can really help to see which position groups of teams you're over or underweight on. From tracking this in 2019 year it helped me to realize I had no exposure to Washington TE's, and subsequently fixed that before the season started and Logan Thomas went off. 

Again, huge thank you to @FFgoatball for his help on this. 

Best Ball Tracking: News & Updates
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