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Drafting, drafting and more drafting

Hi! My name is Tom and I'm a draft addict. My favourite part of the off-season is drafting. My home league draft is one of my favourite parts of the whole fantasy football experience. I know I'm not alone in enjoying drafting. There's something about being sniped one pick before you get your guy that just brings you back again and again. The instant feeling of success at managing to create your perfect three player team stack that makes you believe there is no way you won't be able to crush this league.

Best Ball allows for that fix of drafting without the need for ongoing in-season management. Some people find that anything over a couple of leagues is too time consuming when you need to find the time for waivers, trades and setting lineups. Sunday's ten minutes before kick-off can be a frantic time. With Best Ball it's all done for you.

Step 1 - Draft

Step 2 - Sit back and relax.

After you draft your team, each week the optimal lineup will be set for you. This adds a different element to draft strategy. No longer should you be afraid of late-round fliers on Marquez-Valdes Scantling. The weeks where he scores zero he'll be safely on your bench, and those boom weeks he'll be slotted into the lineup. Your roster is set, for better or worse. No waivers, no trades.

U.K users can currently play Best Ball on Draftkings, FFPC and Fantrax. Drafts start from as little as $1 on Draftkings, competing in either three, six or twelve team leagues. The three team leagues are excellent fun for drafting a loaded roster but I typically stick to the twelve team leagues. Drafts are either fast drafts with thirty seconds per pick, or slow drafts with six or eight hours per pick.

Best Ball is the purest form of mock drafts. There's nothing worse than jumping into a mock draft only for some user to pick Roberto Aguayo in the first round and then disconnect. Best Ball has money on the line and people are wanting those cash prizes. Each draft gives you a better vision of the ways draft boards will unfold in normal leagues.

As great as the Best Ball league offerings are, my belief is that we offer better. Most Best Ball sites don't offer superflex and their scoring systems and payout structure are more rigid than many players want. Check out our custom leagues breakdown, which are hosted on Sleeper, and available leagues here.

Best Ball Intro: News & Updates
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